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Thursday, February 28th, 2008
4:22 am
Dusk Till Dawn Launches the DTD 3 2 1 this weekend .
Ok guys

After much thought and planning we have decided to launch the dtd 321 Ultimate Poker Weekend Experience.

There is one change as we realised it wouldn't be much of an experience if it was all No Limit and also where else in the UK can you get a regular decent sized PLO tournament outside of festivals ( and then if you're lucky )

So here it is....

Saturday 7.30pm £300 dtd Deepstack 10,000 chips 45 minute clock, 11 levels will be played until 4.15am ( we have added in the 1200 2400 and 5000 10000 level ) http://www.dusktilldawnpoker.com/tournamentstructure.php

Guaranteed Prizepool £25,000

Sunday 12.00pm dusk till dawn will open for Sunday Lunch , cash games and STS to £200 PLO Double Chance Deepstack

Sunday 2.30pm £300 dtd Deepstack Day 2

Sunday 3.30pm £200 PLO Double Chance Deepstack 2 x 5000 30 minute clock

Sunday 6.30pm £100 No Limit 5000 chips 30 minute clock.

Guaranteed Prizepool £6500

This will start Saturday March 1st

All the best

Friday, February 8th, 2008
6:01 pm
£300 DTD Deepstack a success + Latest
Our first £300 Deepstack had 129 players which i was delighted with.

Everything is going to plan and next Wednesday 13th we start opening 5 days a week with a £25 event guaranteed at £2500.

The goal is to be 7 days a week by May.

For the next £300 Deepstack we will open at 12pm till 6am , this will allow us to hold a Super Satellite and also bring the players back earler on Sunday.

We are currently negotiating 3 major festivals for Dusk Till Dawn , once they are confirmed i will announce the dates and schedule.

This Saturday 9th we are hosting the University Poker League National Final sponsored by Bad Beat , there will be up to 162 players and 150 guests , this starts at 2pm and we will be open to the public at 6pm as usual for our weekly £50 which usually attracts 110+ players , expect a sell out around 144+ this week.

Latest News on Satellites for the £300 dtd Deepstack and weekly £100 Sunday.

8 Seats to £300 Deepstack Guaranteed Each Month!

Our online weekly final satellites to the £300 Deepstack £25k GTD are moving to Monday so as not to clash with our Friday £75 live event - every satellite offers a guaranteed seat! Not only that, but in the week preceding the Deepstack, we will be running satellites every single night which means in total there are 8 guaranteed seats up for grabs every month!

WHEN: Every Monday at 9pm (Every night in the week running up to the Deepstack)

COST: £40 + £4 MTT

PRIZE: 1 seat at the £300 Deepstack £25K GTD

CHIPS: 2500

CLOCK: 20 minute


Win a Seat From Just £5.50

The following Sit and Go’s will be running constantly, whenever enough players are available.

£9+ £0.90 - 6 Seated

1st place wins seat to Monday’s weekly final £40+£4

2nd place wins £10 money back

£5+ £0.50 - 10 Seated

1st place wins seat to Monday’s weekly final £40+£4

2nd place wins £6 money back

Win a Seat to the Sunday £100 for just £2.20!

We are now holding satellites on DTDPoker to the Sunday £100 - £6.5 GTD live event, taking place every Saturday night at 10pm for just £11+£1. Minimum 10 players required.

Six-handed Sit and Go’s will also be running constantly for £2+£0.20 whenever enough players become available with 1st place winning a seat at the Saturday £11+£1.

Satellites will be in the lobby from Monday 11th February.

Also dont forget our Sunday £100 will start at 6.30pm each week.

All our events are guaranteed from 13th February

Wednesdays £25 will be guaranteed at £2500

Thursdays £50 will be guaranteed at £5000

Fridays £75 will be guaranteed at £6000

Saturdays £50 will be guaranteed at £5000

Sundays £100 will be guaranteed at £6500

All the best

Monday, January 21st, 2008
9:22 pm
Hi All

Another week has flown by at Dusk Till Dawn and it is clear that the players can't wait for us to be open 7 days . On February 13th we will move a step closer as we will be extending to 5 days with a beginners comp, ideal for the smaller bankroll or those new to the game who would like to play in Europes finest card room it will be just £25 + £5 to enter and we are hoping to hit our maximum of 180 to produce a £4500 prizepool !

This week we had an average of 200 players a night in the club playing both tournaments and a range of cash games. Usually we have 8 to 11 no limit and dealers choice games. For the first time we had short handed (6 players) games and one round of each, hold-em and pot limit omaha which proved popular and will be on offer each night. The Thursday £50 had the biggest field at 131 and on only its second week Saturdays £50 was just under the 100 mark at 97. The £100 event on Sunday attracted WSOP bracelet winner Lawrence Gosney who was very impressed with Dusk Till Dawn and will be a regular for our Sunday £100 and bigger competitions.

One player who wont forget the Sunday £100 for years to come is Daniel Platten who is pictured here with card room manager Danny Bell being awarded a DTD hoody for an amazing feat. Daniel is a DTD regular in the Thursday £50, last week he won our first live STT for a seat in the £300 DTD Deepstack so decided to celebrate and play the £100, he has only been playing live 6 months and got dealt AA three times in a row !! The odds against this are a mind boggling 10,648,000. Ironically after winning all three of these hands his final hand was AA but he lost to 55 when a 5 flopped for 14th place.

Over the years to come i am sure we will see many tremendous achievements in Dusk Till Dawn like those of this weeks player interviewee Shafique Ahmed who has had 4 top 3 finishes in the first 24 events or like this week where 3 of the 4 winners were all Greek.

Don't forget February 2nd will be the £300 DTD Deepstack, played over 2 days with 10,000 starting chips, a 45 minute clock and a slow structure


it is bound to attract a big field with some of the top players in the country who will want to win a potential 4 figure first prize and the cash games will be the best in the country with something for everyone.

Also in response to our customers the Sunday £100 will be moving to a new start time of 6.30pm with the club opening at 5.30pm from 3rd February. With 5000 chips and a 30 minute clock this will give players who have to work Monday a chance to play our biggest weekly tournament but with an earlier finish.

All the best

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008
4:03 pm
Dusk Till Dawn Update
Last week was the best week so far at dusk till dawn .

We have listened to the players and although there are a few who would like to play £200+ entry comps the majority want to spend up to £100 max.

Our £50 on Thursday sold out at 135 prior to the seat draw and i could only allow 9 alternates as with a 30 minute clock and our structure 144 could go all the way. As it was a 3 way chip count deal was struck at 5.10am.

Some players mentioned they couldn't play this event as although it is tremendous value with first prize just under £2500 they have to get up for work Fridays so we thought ok lets do one on Saturdays, our first one had 99 players with only 2 days notice, i wont be surprised if next weeks sells out.

Fridays has been a £100 event until last week getting around 65 - 70 runners , again we listened and dropped the buy in to £75 the results speak for themselves , 139 players turned up with over 50 new players who had obvioulsy been waiting for this size event.

We have moved the £100 event to Sundays and i was happy with the 72 runners we got. I want to keep this event at 5000 starting chips but also make it accessible for the player who has to get up for work Mondays so from February 3rd it will move to an earlier start time of 6.30pm with a cap of 108 . If we start selling out i will consider reducing the starting chips but will always aim for an earlier finish than the 4.30am onwards we are getting currently with the 135+ fields.

I am hoping the £300 dtd Deepstack on Febuary 2nd/3rd will be very popular with 10,000 chips and 45 minute clock , i expect between 100 - 150 runners . Day one will start at 7.30 with day two at 5.30 as we will be opening an hour earlier at 5pm from the 3rd . STT will be available in the club every night and once we start opening weekends we will hold a super sateliite the afternoon of the event. A full range of satellites starting as low as £2.50 are available on dtd poker.

On February 13th we will start to open Wednesdays with a £25 + £5 beginners comp capped at 180 which i have no doubt will sell out and will be great fun to play. If you only play online or have never played in a live card room before this tournament could be one to start off with , the atmosphere will be brilliant .

Anyone not sure of live poker etiquette come and see me and either i or one of our friendly dealers will be happy to go through the basics with you, best time will be an hour before the comp.

The cash game action shows no sign of stopping, last week the quietest day we had 9 games going and the busiest 12. These start from £0.50 £1 No Limit up to £2 £5 No Limit then £5 £5 dealers choice.

For the first time on Sunday we tried a short handed game which proved very popular as it gave the players more space and more hands per hour especially as it was a dealers choice game which usually has far less hands than a No Limit table.

This week we will be offering £1 £1 PLO tables and the option to play short handed tables.

We have 4 new dealers starting Thursday with another 8 being trained from 19th January, they will start to deal on 9th February.

Once Wednesdays have been phased in we will look at either opening weekends at 12 or adding Monday/Tuesday nights , all our planned to be in place by May.

As much as we would love to run our first festival we need to be a 7 day operation first and make sure our standards are maintained in all areas then we can start planning/marketing the first dusk till dawn festival .

Whatever we do you will hear about it first here !

All the best

Sunday, January 6th, 2008
9:01 am
0nly 62 for monthly £500 but 214 in total so 12 cash games !!
Thursday we sold out at 135 and i allowed 9 alternates, the tournament started at 7.30 and a 3 way deal was done at 4.20am . In the meantime there were 10 cash games and a total of 256 players.

Friday we had 89 for our £100 event ( next week this will be £75 so i expect 100+ ) and we had 8 cash games.

Saturday was incredible, only 62 players with a 6 way deal based on chip count was done at 4am rather than return for day 2 with Mickey Wernick the winner of our £500 but an additional 154 players came in for cash and STT. We ran 9 STT and had 12 cash games going, 4 £0.50 £1 NL , 3 £1 £2 NL , £2 £5 NL , £5 £10 NL ,£5 £5 PLO and 2 £5 £5 Dealers Choice.

Every week Dusk Till Dawn breaks its records for entries , new members and cash games . In only 5 weeks we must be the busiest poker room in the UK .

Where else could you find a choice of 12 cash games at 2am in the morning ?

All the best

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008
11:12 pm
Great end to 1st Month , Happy New Year to all
Friday was our first " quiet night " only 165 players came in and just 6 cash games. Saturday was better with 8 cash games and Sunday as usual was our 2nd busiest night , only 57 players in the £200 comp but 9 cash games with 4 lasting till 6am !

Mathilde finished training 6 new dealers so tomorrow i will have 23, this allows me to raise the cap on the £50 event to 135 from 108 , last week we had 137 and 50 more that didn't get in so i strongly suggest pre registering through DTD or arriving at 6pm.

The tournament will take up 15 of the dealers so 8 will be available for cash games and STT from 7pm onwards , i expect there will be at least 12 games tomorrow by midnight ranging from £0.50 £1 to £2 £5 No Limit to £5 £5 dealers choice as well as up to 20 STTs during the evening.

Next Friday the £100 will be reduced to £75 entry.

We have another 4 dealers starting 17th January and 9 more by 11th February.

We hope to be open 7 days by May.

Without a doubt Dusk Till Dawn is living up to the hype of being the best poker venue in Europe , play here once and you will definitely agree.

Mickey Wernick played here for the first time Saturday and like myself he has played all over the world , he said it was one of the, if not THE best he had ever seen !

My job now is to build the dealer team and get the club open 7 days but at a controlled pace so everyone is trained correctly , all systems work and the Dusk Till Dawn experience is undiluted then i can plan for our first festival.

So far we have had up to 180 - 200 players in tournament and cash at one time and the atmosphere has been superb , once we have all 45 tables in use it really will be electric.

When you first visit if you have any questions or just want to be shown round before playing come and see me .

All the best for the coming year.

Friday, December 28th, 2007
8:38 am
Probably xmas partly to blame but 317 players at DTD tonight !
Tonight we had 16 dealers, 2 supervisors and a manager and were probably 10 staff short !

At 5.50 we had a queue outside the building with 93 players already confirmed via online registration, by 6.15 we were sold out at our initial cap of 108 and by 7.20 we had at least 50 alternates and 249 players through the doors. Their was a slight technical hitch during which we added an extra table, this gave us 13 dealers in the comp and 3 cash games in full swing with no dealers for breaks. We had lists for up to 3 STT and 5 cash games all of which had to wait an hour as we filled the comp with alternates up to a total of 137.

Paul Jackson , Mick McCool and myself dealt STT to try to help the 70 or so players waiting ( thanks guys ) and eventually as the tournament tables broke the cash games started and by 1am we had 11 running.

Next week we have 7 new dealers starting with 1 or 2 on holiday we should still have 22 available Thursday, i have 2 choices , keep the cap at 108 pre seat draw and allow alternates keeping the field below 135 or cap at 135 pre seat draw ie 15 tables with maximum of further 9 alternates for 144 , the maximum that could be finished in time before 6pm, i have decided to go for the latter, if players want big fields and big prize pools with a possibility of a late finish i am happy to give it to them, if the field constantly hits 144 and players want the structure tweaked for an earlier finish i can do that too.

In the meantime apologies for those that had to wait tonight, next week will be a lot easier with at least 5 cash games and an STT available from 7pm.

I have at least 2 more full time dealers starting in January and a further 7 being trained from the middle of January ready for February when we plan to start our first phase of expansion !

The only change to the current schedule will be from Friday 11th Jan when the current £100 will be replaced with a £75.

Hopefully tonights £100 will be around the 60 - 80 runner mark and cash games and STT will be available from the start.

We have definitely been victims of our own success but obviously players are voting with their attendance and often travelling several miles to play here and we will strive to achieve the staffing levels required as quickly as possible without diluting the experience.

Thanks for your patience and continued support.

All the best


PS The tournament was decided by a 4 way chip count at 4.30am for between £1000 to £1500 each, not bad for a £50 entry !
Wednesday, December 26th, 2007
2:38 pm
3 weeks and a pattern developing
This week at Dusk Till Dawn on Thursday we had 128 players , we were sold out 40 minutes before the start and seated 20 alternates in the first hour . From January 3rd i will be increasing the cap to 135 including alternates .

Friday and Saturdays £100 had 67 + 62 respectively with 57 for Sundays £200.

Every day we get at least 100 players for cash games , the quietest day was Saturday and we still had 6 cash games . Sunday we had 8 including two £5 £5 Dealers Choice.

I have decided to increase the starting chips to 5000 for the £100 + £200 events as they will still finish in time with less than 100 runners.

January 3rd i have 6 new dealers starting so will be able to run STT all night and will offer 7 and 10 minute structure.

Every day i finish at 7am , do some emails , bed at 9am , back up at 5pm , club at 6.30 .

I am now in Lyon with Mathildes family but will be back in time for another sell out tomorrow.

Merry xmas to you all

Sunday, December 16th, 2007
8:16 am
Over 200 players tonight
Had the xmas party last night for Robs companies at Hilton just off M1 Junction 24. Was a great party and i while Rob was doing a speech and handing out awards for his main company SF , Claire , one of the Dusk Till Dawn dealers went up and gave a speech which i thought was for Danny oue card room manager , in fact to my pleasant surprise it was to give me a bottle of boxed vintage Dom Perignon which all the dealers had bought, as you can imagine i was touched and delighted.

We all had a lovely meal with a free bar and entertainment including a hynotist ( i manages one for 2 years , a lot of fun and something i may write about one day ) then a band and DJ.

Mathilde and i had to leave at 1.30am as we had the Poker Down the Pub National Finals at 2pm so were due to open at 1pm.

This was a great success but meant we were in for a long day, i have just got in at 8am but i am loving being host and poker director at Dusk Till Dawn.

The pub players were a great crowd and played several satellites, it took 4 levels to lose the first player but it ended at 7pm with the winner Stuart Holdsworth , perfectly timed for our £100 evening event.

This had 75 runners as opposed to last weeks 68 and again we had up to 9 cash games and 15 STT , players came up by trin from London, drove from Hull and Ipswich, we had over 200 including 40 new customers.

Last Sundays £200 had 48 players , i hope tonight there will be more as Dusk Till Dawn is starting to attract players from a far wider area than i originally anticipated.

Some of the key features for those that are yet to visit are ...

1st casino licensed card room in the UK

Largest venue in the UK, 46 tables in 15,000 sq ft.

All tables professionally dealt.

Purpose built for poker only in a tiered amphitheatre style to promote ambience/atmosphere.

Top quality chips/cards

Best weekly structure and payout in UK

Always cash games + STT available independant of tournaments.

VIP room for Hi rollers and invited guests with private table and blackout glass walls

TV table with lighting grid and outside broadcast accessibility.

70 capacity purpose built heated smoking area.

24 plasma screens with our own in house tournament software.

Coming soon

A second tournament each night for those that cant make our main event at 7.30/8.00pm

Perfect for the players preferring a later start, the players that have travelled and for some reason are later than an hour missing the late entrant opportunity or we have reached our maximum cap of 135 including alterantes , or you play and get knocked out early.

Dusk Till Dawn was built by poker players for poker players only there are no slots, no roulette , craps or blackjack just poker.

We want all players to enjoy the experience of playing here and appreciate the distance some have been prepared to travel thats why we listen and will strive to improve where possible untill we are considered the best venue in Europe.

I look forward to seeing you all here during our first year.

Our first festival will be around April/May dates to be confirmed.

All the best

Friday, December 14th, 2007
10:07 am
Amazing turnout for 2nd £50 event
Last night at dusk till dawn we had our 2nd £50 tournament, the cap was 108 which was met with 30 minutes to go and we ended up with 26 alternates. Amazingly 24 made it in during the first hour making a total prizepool of £6600 and over £2250 to the winner !

In our first £50 last week we had 119 players and 6 cash games, well the word must be spreading.

The cash games tonight started at 8.15pm and by 11pm we had 9 from £0.50 £1 to £2 £5 No Limit and a £5 £5 dealers choice , we peaked at 1am with another £5 £5 dealers to give us 10 cash games and 2 STT running, most continued till 3am then we had 5 running till 5am and 3 for most of the last hour.

Thanks to all of you for playing at dusk till dawn.

It is now 10am and i'm off to bed lol

All the best

Monday, December 10th, 2007
9:50 pm
No two days the same
Saturday night we had 68 players for our £100 No limit then 4 cash games from £0.50 £1 NL to £5 £5 DC as well as 12 STT, then Sunday there were 48 for our £200 No Limit but 5 cash games, the £0.50 £1 started at 6.30pm then the £1 £2 started at 9.00pm with the £2 £5 No Limit till 2.30am and 2 £5 £5 Dealers choice till 4am and 6am.

We think the number of players for our tournaments is lower than anticipated and will have to be addressed as all agree we have the best venue in the UK but the cash games are far exceeding expectations and from what the players tell us the reason is they prefer to play here without the distraction/temptation of house games such as roulette and blackjack.

It will be interesting to see how many players come next week once they have told other players what an amazing venue Dusk Till Dawn is.

All the best

Saturday, December 8th, 2007
6:36 pm
Only 64 players for £100 but 90 for cash games !
Hi All

We will be having a weekly meeting to decide what is in the best interests of the players.

Next week this will include starting later on Fridays to allow for players travelling, opening and starting earlier Sundays for players working.

Although we only had 64 players for last nights £100,

Several reasons, Luton had a festival event, Broadway had a £7500 guaranteed £20 rebuy , several players tried to register online not knowing it has to be done by midnight the day before and players having heard we were sold out with alternates Thursday didnt want to drive down if there was a chance we could be sold out again. Players will get used to the idea of registering in advance or buying in for future events while in the club and also that we allow late registration for the first hour.

We had another 90 players turn up to play cash games and STT, there were 7 games including £0.50 £1 No Limit £1 £2 No Limit £2 £5 No Limit and a £2 £2 and £5 £5 Dealers Choice , They started between 8.20 and 10.30 with some finishing around 4am and 3 of them went on till 6am !

The competition even with only 64 players ended in a 5 way chip count at 3am so i will look at the structure again to see how best to alter it to finish around 3am even with our initial cap of 108 and without changing the 30 minute clock.

All the best

Friday, December 7th, 2007
9:28 am
Dusk Till Dawn is going to be huge !
Our first night open to the public was a huge success, we were sold out with 23 alternates, 11 of which got in . The slightly altered structure and 4000 chips allowed the comp to finish at 4am when the remaining 4 agreed to a chip count, eventually i want to cap at 135 a night and finish around 3.30 to 4am so i may have to look at removing a level later on.

There were 7 cash games from £0.50 £1 No Limit to £2 £5 No Limit and £5 £5 dealers choice. We also ran 8 STT and could have had more if we had spare dealers.

12 players came from Hull and will be returning for the weekend with up to 20 more !

I have no doubt tonight will sell out as well so i recommend you get here early, in future if you wish to secure your seat use the registration facility on DTD by 12am the previous day.

We will be hiring more experienced dealers within the next week and also start a training school on Saturday which will finish end of December.

There is no doubt the atmosphere here is special, unlike anywhere i have ever played, everyone seems to respect the venue and enjoys the experience, no arguments just friendly banter between people with a shared interest.


Thursday, December 6th, 2007
12:50 am
Open at last ! Tomorrow we will see the true demand
After 3 years Dusk Till Dawn opened with a Media Night last Wednesday 28th November , accompanying the journalists were approx 100 invited guests , a freeroll event was held with the winner getting a seat in our £500 opening weekend event , this finished at 3am.

The next day we had our first £100 event and got a true reaction from players attending, the general opinion is Dusk Till Dawn is the best poker venue in Europe and will take poker in the UK to a new level, we had a few teething problems but all the staff worked hard and nothing detracted from the Dusk Till Dawn experience.

Although our published opening times were 6pm to 4am we never closed before 6am to allow the competition time to finish, however the structure is too player friendly ending in a 4/5 way chip after 10 hours and will be tweaked for this weeks competitions .

Over the next 3 days we held 2 more £100 competitions and a £500 comp, in total nearly 800 invited players visited Dusk Till Dawn. Apart from the tournaments we had up to 5 cash games and 3 STT tables going from £0.50 £1 No Limit to £5 £10 PLO and £5 £5 dealers choice.

Most of us worked from 6.30pm to 8am but the time flew by and by Monday morning as we left the club we all agreed the opening weekend had been a huge success.The biggest difference i noticed was the atmosphere , whereas in a casino there are table games with different clientele here there is just poker and poker players and it works.

I had a day off Monday then drove down to Cardiff Tuesday night to be ready for commentary with Phil Tufnel on the final of the Gala Great British Poker Tour . I was supposed to be in the studio at 10am but reception forgot to call me at 9.15 and i awoke finally at 10.30 making the studio by 11.30 ! However Phil and i wrapped up commentary by 4pm and i stayed to do some links for Late Night Poker getting away by 6pm.

On the way home i was suddenly shattered as the 5 opening nights caught up on me and had to pull into services to sleep for an hour before continuing home.

The management team of Rob , Nick Darren and i have already had a meeting to adddress 40 issues as we want Dusk Till Dawn to excel in all areas .

I guarantee everyone that comes you will be blown away by this club from the design of the venue to the structure of the tournaments and the superb quality of the menu,and most importantly the professionalism of all our staff.

I am proud to be the host of Dusk Till Dawn and hope that tomorrow when we open to the public for the first time we will be sold out and can plan to expand to accommodate the demand.

We already have a new dealer training course starting this weekend and intend to run one every month. We will never sit still and will endeavour to provide a poker experience for all pockets.

Please come and see me if you have any questions when you visit the club or need advice re live play if it is your first time, i am here to help.

If all goes to plan we hope to hold our first major festival in April, i will confirm dates and schedule here asap.

Friday i will let you know whether our first public night was awsome or awful lol.

For all the information you need re Dusk Till Dawn please go to our website


All the best

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007
1:33 am
9 days to the opening of Dusk Till Dawn
Since i last wrote we have all been working to prepare for the opening weekend.

Today our Dusk Till Dawn website went live, here you will find all you need to know regarding rules, facilities , schedule , structure, payout etc.


You must register online in advance and bring photograpic id on your first visit.

Initially the tournaments will be capped at 108 daily until we are able to determine demand and increase staff accordingly.

We will open 6pm to 4am Thurs to Sunday but my goal is to longer hours and an extra day by the end of December and be a 7 day operation by April/May .

11 companies have already approached us interested in using the facilities but we are not going to rush into hosting big events. We want to start with our weekly schedule and once we are certain that the experience of playing in Dusk Till Dawn is being provided at the highest level we will then look to scheduling our first festival.

It has taken 3 years to get to this point so testing the operation for a few months while expanding both opening hours and dealer and hospitality staff is definitely the way to go.

I hope to see many of you here and i will start to write regularly in my blog, possibly even daily with an account of life at Dusk Till Dawn.

All the best

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007
10:48 pm
The details of our hearing and first £500 event .

The link above will give you details of our opening weekends £500 event . Seats are limited .

Sorry for not writing sooner but it has been manic since the hearing.

On Monday 24th September we attended Nottingham Magistrates Court , our goal was to be granted a casino license to enable us to open the first legal card room in the UK. There were 3 objectors , Gala casinos, London Clubs International and Stanleys. Just before the opening statements LCI withdrew their objections which obviously was a positive start.

In a hearing like this the applicants job is to prove demand , the objectors job is to undermine your evidence.

Rob and i had attended a hearing a few weeks before and it is normal to have up to 8 witnesses , the applicant in the one we saw had 2 market research companies , an architect , surveyor , company director .

We had just 3 !

Our first witness was Mike Wiseman , he is our compliance officer . He is an ex policeman and last 15 years were with the Gambling Commision . He explained that we would be fully compliant and that in all his years with the GC the letter of support from them was a first.

I went up next and talked about the growth of poker worldwide using statistics from WSOP , WPT , AUSSIE MILLIONS and EPT then referred to European and UK growth eg in 1999 there were 28 festivals , 4 in UK whereas last year there were 110 festivals in Europe , 48 in the UK . I then talked about the unique selling points of DTD and how a club of this size would benefit not only Nottingham but the rest of the UK.

It was clear neither barrister understood poker at all and they tended to back off from confrontation .

Rob was last and talked about the business side of things . As expected the barristers tried to wind him up , talking about the value of a casino license and that he would be tempted to sell and also questioning his lack of experience in gaming . Rob turned their questions on them and started questioning back . not normal court protocol but revealed his passion for Dusk Till Dawn and exasperation at the delays and costs involved.

By 3.30 we were done for the day , the chairmans last comment to Rob was " have you considered extending the building to increase to 70 tables ? " We took this as a good sign .

Tuesday and Stanleys and Gala put their witnesses on the stand , both senior management who basically said their casinos could more than cater for current demand and Dusk Till Dawn would fail commercially leaving Rob no option to turn it into a casino or sell to a rival , we could feel the case levelling out !

The commitee decided they wanted to view Dusk till Dawn and LCI card room as they had seen the other two . Much had been said of the unorthodox route Rob had taken in building the club before securing the license but maybe the club itself would sell the concept .

On arrival we had the 3 commitee members , Gala and Stanley barristers , our barrister Andrew Woods , the 2 managers of Stanleys and Gala and the clerk of the court . Andrew said to only talk if asked a question . As soon as the first question was asked i took the opportunity to cover all the points missed Monday . The reaction was favourable so Andrew indicated to me to show the magistrates round , by the end the balance seemed to be in our favour hardly surprising as the club looks fantastic.

This improved when we visited LCI who clearly dont cater for Poker on a regular basis or level of Dusk Till Dawn, we have 45 tables in a purpose built venue, they have 11 in an entertainment room.

Wednesday came and after closing speeches we had a 3 hour wait.

Finally the commitee returned and the chair said.....

" This is the last application that will be heard by this commitee under the 1968 Gaming Act, had this been an application for a 2005 casino license it would have been denied, however as it is for a 1968 license with a restriction for poker only this committee approves the license " ( by law it beomes a full 2005 casino license within 24 hours )

You could feel the sense of achievement from all the DTD crew , after 2 years Rob had achieved his dream.

We all went back to Robs pub and it took a while to sink in, everyone was totally drained .

Since that day we have set our opening date as 29th November and it has been non stop , i will update more when i can.

All the best

Friday, September 21st, 2007
2:42 am
Interviews this week , Licensing Hearing in 4 days !!
This week i have been working at the club doing interviews for dealers.

Darren Whiten our general manager sees everyone first then Mathilde and i see them for the purpose of testing to determine their skill level.

We have had a range of applicants from total beginners to card room managers . The beginners will do a 4 week course , part timers a 2 week course and the experienced dealers anything from 1 to 5 days uniformity training.

All our dealers will deal exactly the same , we want to be offer the highest level of dealers available in the UK.

Of course everything hinges on what happens at next weeks hearing.

Having been first approached by Rob about Dusk Till Dawn in June 2005 then visiting the premises in 2006 before moving to Nottingham in January 2007 it is hard to believe we are only a few days away from hopefully attaining the license required to open the largest purpose built poker venue in Europe and being able to provide the best possible poker experience.

As soon as the result is known i will update my blog .

All the best

Thursday, August 16th, 2007
3:54 pm
Finally we are ready to start hiring staff .

I need full and part time dealers , full training will be given if required. There are also positons for cashier , reception , bar and valets .

Contact jobs@dtdpoker.com for application forms.

I also need to compile a dealer database for major festivals , if you are interested please contact me at strumper@dtdpoker.com

Back in February Martin Jarvis won a DTD freeroll , his prize was a £1000 GUKPT event of his choice with advice from myself . He chose the Luton event and so i met him there for day 1A .

Martin has been playing 2 years and didn't need too much help , i just told him to adapt to the 1 hour clock , learn his table and forget the buy in cost , his highest buy in event to date was £100 . Well something worked , at one point in the day he was chipleader with 60,000 , he made day 2 and eventually finished just outside the money in 46th , he had a great experience and i enjoyed following his progress and giving him tips.

In the meantime i also played , it was awful , i cant remember an event where no matter what i played i comletely missed the flop , eg TJs , flop 2 4 8 , 88 , flop Q K A .

In level 1 , 25 50 , 10,000 chips i had QQ in FP , BB raised to 300 , i rr to 1200 , one limper called and the BB folded ! Flop was A 6 8 all diamonds , i bet 1500 called , turn was a K , i checked expecting to have to fold but he checked too , river was a 4 , we both checked , he had 99 with 9 diamonds .

I then played A2s in a multiway pot and paid the price , the button was able to see a 6 way flop of K 4 2 , when an A fell on the turn i bet and he called , river was a Q , i checked and he overbet the pot , i knew he didnt have TJ but called not considering 35o lol .

JJ and two well timed bluffs got me back to 10,000.

My table broke and before i could play a hand i was moved again , average was now 12,000 and i got a bad beat as my SB had 23,000 and BB 32,000 , two of the top 5 chip leaders with 120 left . Having position on me and big chips meant when i raised with AJs the SB called , flop was 8 7 3 , i made a pot size continuation bet and he reraised , when i folded he showed 44 !

The only other hand i had was KK , i limped and flat called a raiser to try to double up , flop was 9 high , i bet half pot but he folded . Finally in the 6th level i pushed with 77 for 2400 , the BB called with ATs and made trip A's !

So that was crap and i drove back to Nottingham rueing my unlucky table change and thinking i should have just gambled to get chips instead of being patient .

As well as the recruitment stage i am also working on the text of our live website with Sarah , Danny , Michelle and Kate , this should be ready by beginning of September.

All the best

Thursday, August 9th, 2007
12:16 am
I would like to play poker at Dusk Till Dawn because .....
Ok , several of you have contacted me saying it is a pain to register at Blonde to post a comment so instead please email me strumper@dtdpoker.com with your comments and i will print them off to add them to our evidence.


Wednesday, August 8th, 2007
1:24 am
Have your say at Dusk Till Dawn hearing
Hi all

It has been non stop here in Nottingham .

We have one week left before we submit our evidence.

Rob has started a thread on Blondepoker m the link is here.


We have had nearly 200 players write their support , this petition will be used in evidence.

Please help us by logging on , registering and posting in support of Dusk Till Dawn.

Soon i will be able to tell you so much about why this club will be the premier venue in Europe , with 46 tables , 24 plasma screens , superb tournaments with a structure and tournament clock that will take the crapshoot element out in a theatre like surrounding , there is nothing like it anywhere.



PS . I am playing the £1000 GUKPT in Luton on Friday so will write a diary , also as we get closer to the hearing in September i will update regularly on my blog .
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